Introducing CEDAR Studio 9™ for Mac

CEDAR Studio für Big Sur und die neueste Audioverarbeitungstechnologie für CEDAR Studio

15. Dezember 2020

  Introducing CEDAR Studio 9 for Mac

Wir freuen uns, die sofortige Verfügbarkeit von CEDAR Studio 9 für Mac bekannt zu geben, der neuesten Version unserer mehrfach preisgekrönten Audioverarbeitungs- und Wiederherstellungssuite für die Formate AAX Native, VST2, VST3 und AU, die mit allen Intel-basierten Macs kompatibel ist.

Big Sur Compatible

CEDAR Studio 9 für Mac ist bereit, wenn die DAW-Hersteller ihre Software für macOS 11 'Big Sur' akkreditieren. Es ist auch mit allen früheren Mac-Betriebssystemen von OS X 10.12 (Sierra) bis macOS 10.15 (Catalina) kompatibel. Es ist jedoch nicht nur ein Kompatibilitäts-Upgrade. Neben anderen algorithmischen Verbesserungen enthält es die bahnbrechende neue Version von Retouch & trade; mit seinen maschinell lernenden Matching- und AI-gesteuerten Reparaturfunktionen.

Vier CEDAR Studio 9 Pakete sind verfügbar:

CEDAR Studio 9 DNS

This includes both DNS One™ and DNS Two™, and is perfect for all of your dialogue noise suppression requirements in post and elsewhere.

CEDAR Studio 9 Restore

Incorporating eight advanced algorithms - Declick, Decrackle, Auto Dehiss, Declip 2, Debuzz, Adaptive Limiter, as well as Manual Declick and Dethump - this package is ideal for all of your audio restoration needs.

CEDAR Studio 9 Retouch

The product that changed the face of the audio industry by introducing spectral editing to the world, Retouch™ remains the most effective way to deal with otherwise intractable audio problems.

CEDAR Studio 9 Complete

Containing all eleven processes from the three CEDAR Studio 9 packages, CEDAR Studio 9 Complete is the unsurpassed plug-in suite for noise suppression and restoration.

Host Systeme

CEDAR Studio 9 für Mac ist AAX Native-kompatibel mit Pro Tools v11, v12 (32- und 64-Bit), 2018, 2019, 2020 (nur 64-Bit) sowie VST2, VST3 und AU. Retusche wird auch als eigenständige Anwendung geliefert.

Hinweis: Da VST und AU Streaming-Umgebungen sind, sind die Offline-Prozesse - Manual Declick und Dethump - nur für AAX verfügbar.

More about the latest version of Retouch™

CEDAR invented spectral editing and we still hold the patents to it. But not content to leave things as they were, we have continued to research ways to improve it, making it faster and easier to use, able to cure a more extensive range of problems, as well as making it even more productive in a wider range of settings.

Read more about the new Retouch features in CEDAR Studio 9 here.


Applying machine learning to identify problems...

The new Match facility allows you to mark an offending sound and then ask Retouch to find all of the other instances of this within the recording. A threshold control even allows you to bias its decision making toward including more or fewer possibilities so that you can find the level that includes everything that you want to remove but precludes events that seem similar but are actually wanted signal.

Having identified the matches, you can then eliminate them, either individually or as a group, whereupon Retouch will fly through the whole file in a tiny fraction of the time needed with human intervention. The increase in productivity is absolutely remarkable.


Putting the AI into Spectral Repair...

Repair uses a very clever bit of artificial intelligence to repair areas of signal that can't be corrected using traditional spectral editing. Just mark the offending sound and some of the surrounding signal in the usual fashion and then suppress it or even completely eliminate it. Unlike other spectral editing tools, only the significant signal within the region is identified and processed; all low level signals as well as the ambience are left unaffected.

Alternatively, if you have a clip in which there's something - for example, a quiet word or some other understated sound - that you would like to bring to the foreground, you can use Repair to amplify this while leaving the rest of the signal unaffected.

It's hard to put into words just how innovative and powerful Retouch is. But once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.


CEDAR Studio 9 for Mac is available immediately.


Customers who licensed CEDAR Studio 7 or CEDAR Studio 8 on or after 1 April 2018 are eligible for a free upgrade to CEDAR Studio 9. Customers with older installations can take advantage of our attractive upgrade prices. Please contact Clive Osborn to obtain a quotation.

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