DNS3000 dialogue noise suppressor

DNS3000 dialogue noise suppressor

2007 - 2015
The DNS3000 has been superseded by CEDAR Studio DNS

Designed for film production, dubbing, OB (remote) and studio noise suppression, the fully automated DNS3000 was the last of CEDAR's manually controlled dialogue noise suppressors, combining the tactile control surface of the DNS1500 with the Pro Tools integration of the DNS2000. Additional features included on-board scenes with a simple and intuitive recall system, automation to LTC timecode, and moving faders. As before, the hardware provided the processing power and audio I/O, and near-zero latency continued to ensure that there was no loss of lip-sync. With the latest incarnation of CEDAR's Academy Award® winning DNS algorithm at its core, the DNS3000 eliminated all manner of noises from recordings and live broadcasts.

When connected to a Pro Tools host, the DNS3000 provided the I/O for the system and could handle two independent channels simultaneously. Its Control System was an RTAS plug-in that ran on Pro Tools HD, LE, and M-Powered systems, controlling and automating all aspects of its performance. Furthermore, the CS software was capable of driving up to 126 DNS3000s, thus making it more than adequate for the largest studio and post installations.


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