Series 2

DH-2 Dehisser

DH-2 Dehisser

"The crunch, of course, is how good is it at getting rid of hiss? The answer, based on hearing it at work on a wide variety of sources from full orchestra to solo classical guitar is VGI (Very Good Indeed), to the extent of being uncanny." - Studio Sound, November 1994.

The DH-2 is a significant advance on the CEDAR DH-1, the ground-breaking processor that made single-ended, digital, real-time stereo hiss removal a reality. It uses new algorithms to deliver greatly enhanced performance, and further extends CEDAR's clear lead in real-time dehissing. With no spectral fingerprints, and no need for time-consuming set-ups, the DH-2 accurately identifies and eliminates broadband noise without removing wanted noise-like sounds within the genuine signal.

Users can identify the optimum hiss removal parameters in moments, even for music with a particularly wide dynamic range. As with all CEDAR processes, dehissing takes place in real time, with no need for time-consuming off line processing. A factory modification is available to upgrade the DH-1 to full DH-2 specification.

Now discontinued

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