Series 2

DC-1 Declicker

DC-1 declicker

"Nothing I tried - from operatic arias to trad jazz - showed any signs of side effects, and far from disturbing low-level signals the process revealed more ambience and detail ... the DC-1 is an indispensable tool." - Studio Sound, February 1994.

The DC-1 was the first integrated real-time stereo rackmount declicker capable of restoring damaged material to the highest standards required by the audio and video industries. Based upon CEDAR's unique 4-pass processing technology, it will remove up to 2,500 clicks per second per channel in real time, and replace them with a carefully calculated regeneration of the original signal that existed before the recording was damaged.

The DC-1 is particularly suited to CD re-mastering, the easy removal of artefacts such as digital errors from modern recordings, and for creating user-copies within national libraries and archives. The DC-1's real-time processing also allows broadcasters to use the DC-1 within the broadcast chain, correcting material as it goes to air. Many older film soundtracks, both optical and magnetic, also benefit from click removal using the DC-1.

Now discontinued

DC-1 Declicker
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