Series 2

CR-1 Declicker

CR-1 Decrackler

"My own test material, badly damaged though it was, came through with all the surface mush completely removed. The wanted material, however, survived intact with no apparent ill effects whatsoever... it was uncanny to hear slightly peaky distortion and constantly varying mains harmonics disappear completely without side-effects." - Studio Sound, November 1993.

The CR-1 is the world's most powerful and versatile crackle and buzz remover, eliminating unwanted noises that cannot be dealt with by any other techniques. Using CEDAR's unique 'Split & Recombine' technology, the CR-1 will accurately identify crackle, some forms of buzz, and even some distortion (for example, from overloaded microphones, distorting analogue inputs, and various forms of digital distortion). Once detected, these artefacts are precisely removed, providing instantaneous non-destructive signal restoration with no loss of transients or ambience.

The CR-1 is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including CD re-mastering, live-to-air broadcasting, film and video soundtrack restoration, and for correcting problems such as lighting buzz in live recordings.

Now discontinued

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CR-1 Decrackler
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