Series 2

AZ-1 Azimuth Corrector

AZ-1 Azimuth Corrector

"There will, I imagine, be plenty of people who find it hard to appreciate the problems the AZ-1 sets out to solve. I am equally sure that there are a number of potential users who will see the AZ-1 as a magic wand they might once have thought impossible." - Studio Sound, April 1994.

Time delays and phase problems between the left and right channels of a stereo signal are a common source of headaches in both the audio and video industries. Typical consequences include poor mono compatibility, poor stereo imaging, loss of high frequencies, and muddy bass response.

The AZ-1 combines the functions of a phase detector and corrector. It corrects signals in real time with 1/10th sample (2µS) accuracy, thus restoring the true stereo image and recovering frequencies that would otherwise be lost. A manual mode allows users to adjust the offset in steps of as little as 0.01 samples (0.2µS). A high-resolution display provides a Lissajous figure for visual monitoring, and there is a balance control for precise centering of the corrected signal.

Now discontinued

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