CEDAR for Pyramix 64

CEDAR for Pyramix 64: Manual declick

Seamlessly eliminating larger and longer clicks with the minimum of fuss

CEDAR for Pyramix 64 Manual declick

With both manual- and auto- declicking capabilities, CEDAR for Pyramix 64 performs at high speed without sacrificing CEDAR quality, and addresses the widest possible range of scratch and click removal problems.

Manual declick incorporates a new algorithm capable of restoring clicks and other problems - such as drop-outs and digital errors - of up to 2,000 samples duration. It allows users to specify the audio that constitutes the unwanted noise, and its algorithm - optimised for long clicks and scratches - will remove noises such as those found on optical soundtracks, as well as drop-outs and extended digital errors. Simply mark the offending signal, and Manual declick will eliminate the problem.

To extend its flexibility and ensure effective restoration in the widest possible range of cases, two declick models are provided:

Manual Declick A

The general purpose manual declicker; the optimal choice for many situations.

Manual Declick B

Removing extended clicks in the presence of high levels of background noise can lead to a hole in the background, even though the music or speech signal is reconstructed correctly. CEDAR's Manual Declick 'B' algorithm retains the atmos, even when restoring the longest and most intractable clicks and other impulses.

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